2012 U. S. Open World Martial Arts Championships

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Highlights from the Eliminations and the night finals

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Included on the 2012 US Open DVD are the following: Sync Weapons: Team Infinity & Team Paul Mitchell Highlights: Shahin Jahanvash, Jackson Rudolph, Danny Etkin, Dallas Liu, Power Breaking Multi  Stack Speed Breaking: John Zurisk, Dan Chandler, Larry Fields Creative Breaking:  Larry Fields, John Zurisk & Ralph Bergamo 3 Baseball Bats Shin Break: Chip Townsend Women’s Forms & Weapons: Becca Ross, Caitlin Dechelle & Audrie Donihoo Men’s Weapons: Matt Emig & Jarrett Leiker Sync Forms: Team 100% Performance & Team Paul Mitchell Men’s Forms: Jarrett Leiker, Austin Jorgensen & Matt Emig Bonus: Adult Self Defense Finals: Richard Hoehn & James Sang Lee, ITF Continuous Fighting Finals Men’s Forms Finals: Micah Karns & Mickey Lee Demo Teams: Team Infinity & KICK Team, Women’s Weapons: Jennifer Espina Men’s Weapons: Vincent Scarduzio & Kyle Montagna 2×4 World Record Break: John Zurisk Highlights from the Eliminations: Forms & Weapons, Fighting, Clash Sparring & NAGA Who knows we may have caught you on camera!

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