2012 U.S. Capitol Classics

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Highlights from the Eliminations and entire night finals


Sync Forms: Team Infinity & winner Team AKA/Force 13 under Weapons: Casey Welsh, Gloria Vawter, Dallas Liu & winner Danny Etkin 14-17 Weapons: Jackson Rudolph, Stephanie Figueroa, Shahin Jahanvash & winner Sammy Smith Special Presentation with Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee 13 under Forms: Gloria Vawter, Casey Welsh & winner Dallas Liu 14-17 Forms: Shahin Jahanvash, Dayna Huor, Stephanie Figueroa & winner Cole Eckert China Open Forms: Ajit Amesur, Max Erleich, Marcus Lenn & winner Enda Wang China Open Weapons:   Max Erleich, Marcus Lenn, Raquel Romahn & winner Enda Wang Point MMA Championship Match: Marco Johnson against Amari Miller (winner) Demo Team: winner Team Infinity Special Demos: Tayari Casel and a Rope Dart Demo Women’s Weapons: Becca Ross Erika Dertinger, Olivia Wicker & winner Audrie Donihoo Men’s Weapons: Vincent Scarduzio, Jeff Langlois, Marco Johnson, Kyle Montagna, Jarrett Leiker & winner Matt Emig Women’s Fighting: Nicole Pelland vs Morgan Plowden (winner) Men’s Fighting: Ross Levine vs Jadi Tention (winner) Men’s Forms:  Mickey Lee, Vincent Scarduzio, Josh Kahan, Micah Karns & winner Jarrett Leiker Also included are highlights from the Eliminations. We may have caught you on camera!

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