2011 U. S. Open World Martial Arts Championships

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Highlights from the Eliminations and the night finals

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The 2011 US Open with 42 countries competing, over 5,000 competitors, this tournament is one of the largest Open Martial Tournaments in the world today!Sync Forms: Team JPM Marc Canonizado & Caitlin Dechelle, and JPM 2.0 Matt Emig & Austin Crain Highlights: 13 under Forms Danny Etkin & 14-17 Form Micah Karns, Demo Team 100% Performance, 13 under Weapons Jackson Rudolph, 14-17 Weapons Micayla Johnson, Creative Breaking Multi Stack Speed Breaking: John Zurisk & Ben Parra Power Concrete Breaking:  Larry Fields & Ronald Sullivan Baseball Bat Shin Break World Record Attempts: Steve Fisher, Chip Townsend Women’s Forms: Becca Ross, Caitlin Dechelle Men’s Weapons: Marc Canonizado, Matt Emig, Kalman Csoka Sync Weapons: Team Infinity Mike Welch & Sami Suddeth, Team JPM Marc Canonizado & Caitlin Dechelle Women’s Weapons: Audrie Donihoo, Caitlin Dechelle Men’s Forms: Matt Emig, Mickey Lee, Marc Canonizado   Bonus: Adult Self Defense Finals: Chelsey Espina & James Sang Lee, Women’s Forms: Audrie Donihoo Naga Grappling Finals Continuous Fighting Finals Men’s Forms Finals: Jonathan Rivera & Jarrett Leiker Demo Teams: 100% Performance & Team Kicks, Team Sync: 100% Performance, Women’s Weapons: Olivia Wicker & Becca Ross, Men’s Weapons: Stephen Grasz Highlights from the Eliminations: Forms & Weapons, Fighting, Demo Teams. Who knows we may have caught you on camera!

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