2011 U.S. Capitol Classics

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Highlights from the Eliminations and entire night finals


Highlights from the Eliminations include Forms and Weapons, Demo Teams, Fighting and Self Defense Sync Forms: Team JPM and The Kahan Boys 13 under Weapons: Amanda Chen, Jackson Rudolph, Carson Crawford and Sammy Smith 14-17 Weapons: Ross Kohnstam, Stephanie Figueroa, Cole Eckert and Jessica Goldman 13 under Forms: Danny Etkin, Sammy Smith, Amanda Chen and Alex Vecchio 14-17 Forms: Cole Eckert, Vincent Scarduzio, Sarah Callande and Mackensi Emory China Open Weapons: Wong En Dee, Chung Su Shua and Tammy Lee China Open Forms: Max Ehrlich, Samson Lee and Chung Su Shua Tai Chi Demo and Demo Team winner Team 100% Performance, Self Defense Demo, Tricks Battle and USBA/WBA Break Off Women’s Weapons: Becca Ross, Olivia Wicker and Caitlin Dechelle Men’s Weapons: Austin Jorgenson, Jarrett Leiker, Brent Thompson, Stephen Grasz, Kalman Csoka and Marc Canonizado Women’s Forms: Becca Ross and Caitlin Dechelle Men’s Forms: Marco Johnson, Josh Kahan, Stephen Grasz, Jeff Langlois and Marc Canonizado Women’s Sparring: Nicole Pelland vs Alana Wegfahrt Men’s Team Sparring: Team Full Circle vs Team John Paul Mitchell Men’s Sparring: Hamed Firouzi vs Ross Levine.

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