2011 Diamond Nationals

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Highlights from the Eliminations and entire night finals


Also included are Highlights from the Eliminations. who knows we may have caught you on camera! Demo: Team Infinity: Leader Mike Welch. Women’s Point Fighting Winner: Chelsea Nash, Melanie Ortiz Men’s Point Fighting Winner: Ross Levine, Jason Bourelly 13 under Forms: 1st: Dallas Liu, Sammy Smith, Amanda Chen 14-17 Forms Winner: Micah Karns, Stephanie Figueroa, Dayna Huor and Cole Eckert Adult Weapons: 1st: Kalman Csoka, Becca Ross, Jarrett Leiker, Caitlin Dechelle, Olivia Wicker and Matt Emig SuperFights Semis: Jamie Cravens vs Hamed Firouzi, Jason Bourelly vs Troy Sexton, Larry Tankson,Jr. vs Elias Lemon, BJ Carnahan vs Raymond Daniels Paul Mitchell Team Sync Forms: 1st: Team JPM, Team Infinity, Team Rasinski & Cornell 13 under Weapons: 1st: Amanda Chen, Jackson Rudolph, Austin Knuth, Sammy Smith 14-17 Weapons: 1st: Micayla Johnson, Stephanie Figueroa, Shahin Jahanvash, Micah Karns Women’s Forms: Winner: Caitlin Dechelle, Becca Ross, Olivia Wicker Men’s Forms: Winner: Jarrett Leiker, Austin Jorgensen, Kyle Montagna, and Matt Emig Heavyweight SuperFights Final: 1st: Raymond Daniels, Elias Lemon Lightweight Super Fights Final: Winner Hamed Firouzi, Jason Bourelly

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