2010 Diamond Nationals

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Highlights from the Eliminations and entire night finals


The Diamond Nationals World Karate Championships voted #1 National/International Karate Tournament in the country by Karate Illustrated Magazine, Blackbelt Magazine, MAIA, Sport Karate Magazine, KRANE Magazine, PKA, NASKA, World Cup Association. Demo:  Team Infinity: Leader Mike Welch. Women’s Diamonds Challenge Winner:  Chelsea Nash; 2nd place:  Melanie Ortiz Men’s Diamonds Challenge Winner:  Raymond Daniels; 2nd place: Ryan McGriff Youth 17 & under Boys and Girls Over-All CMX Forms Winner:  Micah Karns; 2nd place Jacob Pinto Youth 17 & under Boys and Girls Over All Traditional Forms Winner:  Micah Karns; 2nd place Audrie Donihoo 18-29 Men and Women Over-All Weapons Diamond Challenge:  1st: Kalman Csoka, 2nd: Becca Ross, 3rd: Jarrett Leiker, 4th: Caitlin Dechelle First Round of Super Fights: First Fight: Light Weights:  Jason Tankson vs Troy Sexton:  winner Tankson.  2nd Fight:  Jamie Cravens vs Hamed Firouzi:  Winner Firouzi. Jason Bourelly vs Hamed Firouzi: Winner: Hamed First Round Super Fights, Heavy Weight:  Elias Lemon vs Greg Betlach:  Winner Greg Betlach.  2nd Round:  B.J. Carnahan vs Raymond Daniels: Winner,  Daniels.  Daniels vs Greg Betlach:  Daniels Winner Paul Mitchell World Team Synchronization: 1st:  Team AKA, 2nd:  JPM White, 3rd: FSU Youth 17 & under Boys and Girls Over-all Traditional Weapons Championships:  1st: Audrie Donihoo, 2nd: Reid Presley Youth 17 & under Boys and Girls Over-all CMX Weapons Championships: 1st: Stephanie Figueroa, Disqualified:  Micah Karns 18-29 Women’s Over-all Form Diamonds Challenge:  Winner: Becca Rose, 2nd: Olivia Wicker 18-29 Men’s Over-all Form Diamonds Challenge:  Winner: William Cornell, 2nd Marc Canonizado. Also included are highlights of the Eliminations.

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