2007 Diamond Nationals


Highlights from the Eliminations and entire night finals


The 30th Diamond Nationals was held for the final time at the St. Paul Rivercentre. Team AKA won the Team Demos facing Team ProRank and Team AKA Extreme won the Team Sync Forms Grands going up against Team Boone and Team AKA the Kahan Boys. Dayna Huor won with a great extreme form in the 13 under Forms division. Tyler Weaver wowed everyone with his blindfolded Kama form to win 13 under Weapons. Luke Broadlick pulled out a close win in 14-17 Forms while Jennifer Espina displayed some very difficult spins and throws with her bo to take the victory in 14-17 Weapons. Kalman Csoka wielded double swords to earned him 3 perfect 10s on his way to winning the Diamond ring. Mindy Kelly beat Lauren Kearney to win the Women’s forms division grand. Marc Canonizado continued his winning ways by taking home the Diamond ring in Men’s Forms. Regina Thompson beat Marielle Elliot to win the Women’s Sparring Grand. Hamed Firouzi won the Superfight Lightweight Championship over Jason Bourelly. Raymond Daniels was a double winner he took the Men’s Sparring and the Superfight Heavyweight Championships with impressing wins over Alex Lane and Greg Betlach. Also our cameras captured the Eliminations and who knows we may have caught you on tape!

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