2006 Battle of Atlanta


Highlights from the Eliminations and entire night finals


The finals held allot of surprises from the appearance of new competitors winning to top past champions not winning, to a MMA fighter winning against a seasoned Sport Martial Artist. K.I.C.K. Team lost to Team Straight Up in the Sync Forms division. Ryan Wells continued his stellar year by winning another Grand. Jacob Kabel showed his acrobatic skills and beat out a tough 14 -17 weapons division. Austin Crain is on his way to greatness as he wins the 13 under forms competition. High flying Sammy Vasquez defeats all comers. Pro Rank sponsored the Women’s Weapons Division with a $1000 going to the winner Casey Marks-Nash. Casey would also win the Women’s forms division. Marc Canonizado beat out Kalman Csoka for the Men’s Weapons Grand. The Men’s Forms was the last division before the PKA Challenge matches, Marcel Jones won with his clean techniques and amazing tricks. The PKA Challenge Matches featured Manny Reyes, Jr against MMA fighter Raphael Asuncao. This fight went to the judges and Raphael won on points. The next match pitted Sport Martial Artist Joey Greenhalgh and Junior Asuncao, this did not go to the judges. Joey knocked out Junior in the third round with a powerful hook kick to the chin. This and more in the highlights from Friday and Saturday’s eliminations, who knows we may have caught you on tape!

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