2005 U. S. Capitol Classics


Highlights from the Eliminations and entire night finals


The Capitol Classics had some of the top talent from today and the past in attendance. Anthony Atkins came out of retirement to compete and ended up on stage in the finals. Andrew Schmetzer had the audience going crazy as he won his second Grand Championship of the year. Caitlin Dechelle’s musical sword form took her to a grand championship win. Luke Broadlick performed with the intensity of someone much older than he to win the 13 under forms division. Craig Henningsen’s extreme musical performance resulted in him winning the 14-17 forms division. Continuous sparring was set for three rounds of great fighting but Michael Cole brought that to a abrupt end when he threw a hard round kick to Eric Lyman’s head to knock him out cold. Mindy Kelly won the Women’s forms division over Jessica Mellon and Andie Moore. Team CLK and The K.I.C.K. Team tied for the grand but Charlie Lee Karate edged it out to win the Team Demos Competition. The Women’s sparring matched Shelly Walrath’s blitzes against Joyce Blanco’s kicks. Blanca kicks would prove to much for Shelly. Jason Bourelly won after Steve Hart dislocated his shoulder. In Team Sparring Dojo outlasted Victory. The final division of the evening was the Men’s forms grand championships. This was a great lineup of talent, Anthony Atkins, Steve Terada, Marc Canonizado, Zach Caruso and John Su. Steve Terada came out on top. Included are also highlights of both Friday and Saturday’s Elimination, who knows you might even see yourself on this video. You never know!?

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