2003 Battle of Atlanta


Highlights from the Eliminations and entire night finals


With 375 divisions of competition and phenomenal awards from Special Events, this 2003 Battle of Atlanta appealed to men, women and children from more than 40 states and 20 countries. Atlanta’s Nicole Provost of Joe Corley Karate proved to be the biggest “up setter” of the evening as she displayed phenomenal poise, grace and power to nudge Caitlin Dechelle for the Girls Overall Forms Championship. “This was her moment”, said her proud dad, Bob Provost. “She has worked so hard, and it paid off!” Jadi Tention continued his winning streak as he captured the Men’s Fighting Grand was no surprise here, as Team Paul Mitchell continued its winning ways throughout the week-end. Julie Sowold, marketing Director for Paul Mitchell Systems was on hand to award the JPM special award to Team DS with Daniel Sterling and Matt Emig. The inimitable John Su took the Forms Grand award from Lorenzo Lamas, but was edged out in weapons by the spectacular DX staff performance. And although he lost in the still-in-progress of the Xtreme Martial Arts competition of the evening to Jeff Predco, Kim Do left as the crowd favorite for his spectacular tricks that also include exquisite martial arts form. “He’s really out of the box”, said Master of Ceremonies Gregg Masters, “but man, is he phenomenal! Joe Corley said, for his talent is the kind that people really want to see: charisma, skill and the heart of a true martial artist!” The Battle of Atlanta is proud to have honored those that have paid–or have been willing to pay–the ultimate sacrifice for all of us to do whatever we want, worship however we want, say whatever we want, in a land second to none on God’s green earth. GOD BLESS THE USA! Highlights from the day time event and the entire night time grand championships!

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