2002 Battle of Atlanta

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Highlights from the Eliminations and entire night finals


Highlights from the Eliminations and entire night finals The beautiful Hyatt Regency Atlanta Centennial Ballroom was jam packed for a star-studded BATTLE OF ATLANTA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP finals in the 34th presentation of one of the world’s most prestigious martial arts events. From a host of martial arts celebes to some of the world’s most outstanding forms, weapons and sparring action, this was predicted to be Joe Corley’s most inspirational event to date. That promise was delivered, and more! The highlights of the evening included an emotional induction into the Centurion Club of former NYC Commissioner at 911 and 3rd Degree Black Belt Bernard B. Kerik. Knighted earlier this year by the Queen of England, the Commissioner came to Atlanta on the virtual anniversary of 911 to be honored by those who had been his inspiration as a youth. “Joe Corley, Chuck Norris, Joe Lewis, Jeff Smith, Bill Wallace, Bob Wall, Ken Knudsen….these are the men I read about, emulated and wanted to be like”, he explained to the audience, following their standing ovation. He went on to explain how the martial arts can and will be a fortress to develop the courage, stamina and self control necessary to deal with future threats to this country. The Commissioner joined the packed house to see Raymond “the Real Deal” Daniels come in to the ring to dismantle Brian “the Truth” Ruth. Following the two rounds of this special challenge match, Brian said, “I never should have said ‘Float like a butterfly and sting like a flea!’ This man can hit! My hat is off to Raymond Daniels–one of the greatest fighters this sport has ever seen.” Daniels wowed Commissioner Kerik and the crowd with his dazzling footwork, aerial displays of double kicks and blinding hand speed. “How’d you like that flea bite?” Also included are highlights from the daytime eliminations.

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