1998 Battle of Atlanta Karate Tournament


Highlights from the Eliminations and entire night finals


Highlights from the Forms and Weapons and the Fighting Eliminations and the entire The Finals include: The opening Kung Fu and Lion Dance Demo. A Demo form the youth of sport karate featuring Kim Do. Youth Weapons: Jimmy Pham, Gemma Nguyen,. Youth Fighting: Thomas Wright vs Jason Facey Demo Team: Jungle Care and Team Charlie Lee Karate. Women PKC World Championship: Tar Eubanks vs Dottie White A Special Judo Demo, and Team Chat with Joe Corley’s Special Forces Demo Team. Team forms: Jungle Care and Team Charlie Lee Karate. Men’s Middleweight PKC World Championship: Buster Cotton vs Preston Clements. Lightweight PKC World Championship: Joe DuParte vs Kevin Thompson. Youth forms: Anthony Atkins, Al Zafransky, John Su, Jimmy Pham. Women’s Forms: Suzann Wancket and Casey Marks. Heavyweight PKC World Championship: Kirk Bullock vs Brian Ruth. Special Demo featuring Ernest “The Cat” Miller. Men’s Forms: Gary Stearns, Kim Do, Jon Valera, David Douglas, Anthony DeMarco and Brian Pena

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