1997 Bluegrass Nationals Karate Championships tournament


Highlights from the Eliminations and entire night finals


The Finals Opening Demo: Lee Barden. Youth Sparring: 8/9,9/10,11/12,13/14,15/17. Women’s Lightweight Fighting: Krista Shearer vs Susan Lomasney. Women’s Middleweight: Nicki Carlson-Lee vs Dottie White. Youth Weapons: Jimmy Pham, Joey Greenhalgh, Justin Casto, Matthew Comiskey. Adult Weapons: Mark Bayne, Kellie Hausner, Jon Valera, Terry Creamer, Gary Stearns. Men’s Lightweight Fighting: Pedro Xavier vs Tony Young. Men’s Middleweight: Ronald Brady vs Johnny Guante. Heavyweights: Jadi Tention vs George Eliopoulos. Senior Men: Kevin Thompson vs Jessie Thornton. Youth Forms: Adam Palino, Jennifer Santiago, Butch Marks, Fletcher Heisler, Ida Henley, Anthony Atkins, Jimmy Pham, Casey Marks, Justin Casto, Guy Burkett. Women’s Forms: Olinda Gabriele, Anita Lopez, Suzann Wancket-yue, Catherine Miller. Men’s Forms: Michael Mike Chaturantabut, Cheech Luzzi, Rick Jacobs, Chuck Reynold, Jon Valera. Men’s Gold Watch Challenge: Tony Young vs Ronald Brady, Kevin Thompson vs Jadi Tention. Women’s Gold Watch Challenge: Nicki Carlson-Lee vs Krista Shearer. Men’s Final Gold Watch Challenge Match: Kevin Thompson vs Ronald Brady. Team Sparring: JPM vs Team Elite. Also included are highlights from the Eliminations. Who knows we may have got you on camera!

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