Boleros Theater Dance Department Presents The 2013 Annual Spring Recital


Legendary Male Variations, The Legend of Perseus, Legendary Music

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Legendary Male Variations:
Coaching by Bryan Jenkins
Justin Pruttivarasin – Coppelia
Landry Ridener – Ramonda
Triston Hodges – Don Quixote

The Legend of Perseus – Part One: Perseus Has Heard of an evil creature in a mysterious garden who turns humans to stone with one gaze. He sets out to find and defeat the monster. Part Two: The weary soldiers continue the quest by ship and discover the lost city of Atlantis. They encounter many beautiful sea creatures.

Atlantic Mystery of the Sea

Part Three of the Legend of Perseus: Perseus finds the fabled stone garden. He is surrounded by evil snakes and finally defeats the monster.

Legendary Music, Iconic and Present Day:
Will the real Elvis please stand up?
Hound dog: Elvis #1
Beauty and a Beat

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