2016 Vol. 21 The Best Of Tournament Forms & Weapons


Two (2) hours of the best forms and weapons competitors in the World. 


2 hours of exciting action packed ootage & highlights from the Eliminations. Battle of Atlanta: Aidan Kennedy, Trinity Davis, Jake Presley, Ariel Torres, Kiki Okubo, Allen Davies, Tyler Weaver, Sammy Smith The U. S. Open: Highlights from the Friday and Saturday Eliminations. U. S. Capitol Classics: Mason Stowell, Melissa Baillargeon, Danny Etkin, China Open Weapons Finals, China Open Forms: Tarell Bullock, Becca Ross, Reid Presley Diamond Nationals: Haley Glass, Ema Teo, Sammy Smith, Jackson Rudolph, Mia Lang, Derek Meegan, Jean Paul Panizza, Tyler Weaver

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