2015 Volume 20 The Best Of Tournament Fighting – Sparring


Two hours of nothing but knockouts, knock downs and awesome techniques.


Over two hours of great fights! There are highlights from the Eliminations, and who knows we may have caught you on camera! Gator Nationals: Troy Binns vs Justin Ortiz & Ross Levine vs Chad Cannon Battle of Atlanta: Team Impex vs Team Paul MitchellU.S. Open: Clash and Continuous sparring, Point Fighting and Team Fighting Eliminations Capitol Classics: Yohan Alvarado vs Jeremy Francoeur and Ross Levine vs Ross Cook Twin Towers Classic: Morgan Plowden vs Gina Thornton, Kevin Walker vs Willie Hicks and Team Executive Edge vs Team EFK Diamond Nationals: Jack Felton vs Justin Ortiz and Nicole Pelland vs Gina Thornton.

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