2015 Vol. 20 The Best Of Tournament Forms & Weapons


Two (2) hours of the best forms and weapons competitors in the World. 


Almost 2 ½ hours of exciting action packed footage are included on this DVD with highlights from the Eliminations. Gator Nationals: Mackensi Emory CMX Kamas, Danny Etkin CMX Kata, Reid Presley CMX Double Bo, Stephannie Figueroa Traditional Kata & Payton Foley Trad. Kata Battle of Atlanta: Haley Glass CMX Kata, Derek Meegan Trad. Kata & Jackson Rudolph CMX Bo The U.S. Open: Highlights from the Friday and Saturday Eliminations. U.S. Capitol Classics: Emma Teo Trad. Form, Sen Gao Wushu Kata, Becca Ross CMX Bo, Jeff Doss Trad. Kata, Marco Johnson CMS Kata The Twin Towers Classic: Romani Alicea CMX Kamas, Zach Jarvis Trad. Katana, Jared Chastain Trad. Katana, Sammy Smith CMX Chucks, Joey Castro Trad. Kata Diamond Nationals: Drew Derrick-Bisbee Trad. Kata, Mason Stowell Trad. Kata, Jacob Pinto CMX Katana & Sammy Smith CMX Kata

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