2013 Vol. 18 Best of Demonstration Teams


Two (2) hours of Demo teams from all over the world


This DVD has almost two hours of video of some of the top Teams from around the world. We start off at the Gator Nationals with the Sync Forms & Demo Teams Eliminations, The finals opens with Demo Teams K.I.C.K. Team & Infinity, next Sync Teams with Bring It, Infinity Black, Infinity Green and Team Emig. The Battle of Atlanta begins with Demo & Sync Elims next is the Opening Demo Team for the Night time Show. The U.S. Open we showcase the Self Defense Division and Breaking Demo Eliminations. The Capitol Classics starts off with a special opening demo by the Little Dragon Tai Chi Demo Team, followed by Team Sync with JPM (Jackson Rudolph & Kyle Montagna), AmeriKick (Jarrett Leiker & Derek Meegan) and AKA (Cole & Reid Presley). Demo Team Infinity goes against K.I.C.K. Team. A Special Breaking Demo by Grandmaster Elton Trower. Next up was the Tricking Battle. The Twin Twins which was held in New York City is next with highlights from the Elims and to open the night time show, The Latin Fever Dance Troupe. Up next is Team Intensity vs AmeriKick for the Demo Team Championship. Followed by a Tricking Competition. Two special demos, first up is Felix Vasquez with an intense Self Defense Demo, then a Muay Thai Demo. Sync Forms are next, with Team Emig (Mackensi Emory & Tyler Weaver) taking on AmeriKick (Jarrett Leiker & Derek Meegan) The Diamond Nationals start off with the Team Demo and Sync Elims. Team AKA opens the Grand Championships with an exciting Demo. Sync Team Finals with Cornell & Rasinski, JPM (Montagna & Rud

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