2010 Vol. 15 The Best Of Tournament Forms & Weapons


Two (2) hours of the best forms and weapons competitors in the World.


Included on this DVD are highlights from the Eliminations and selected Katas from the Grands. Let’s start off with the Ocean State: Kyle Montagna Traditional Forms, Sammy Smith CMX Forms, Cole Eckert CMX Bo, Rudy Reynon Men’s Forms. Next is the Gator Nationals held on Daytona Beach: Audrie Donihoo CMX Sword, Nikki Stanley Trad. Forms and Mickey Lee Men’s Forms. The Capitol Classics: The Eliminations are included on this DVD, as they were not on the Tournament DVD, Sammy Smith Trad. Bo, Audrie Donihoo Trad. Sword, Ricky Morris CMX Bo, Zhang Bao Chinese Open Weapons, Tammy Lee Chinese Open Forms, and Jennifer Espina CMX Bo. The Diamond Nationals: Kalman Csoka CMX Sword, Becca Ross CMX Bo, Stephanie Figueroa CMX Weapons, Becca Ross CMX Forms, William Cornell Trad. Forms. Also included the US Open Friday and Saturday Eliminations. Who knows we may have caught you on camera!

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