2006 Volume 11 The Best Of Tournament Fighting – Sparring

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Two hours of nothing but knockouts, knock downs and awesome techniques.


Almost 2 hours of nothing but knock outs, knockdowns and awesome techniques. On this 2006 Volume 11 Best of Tournament Fighting DVD, all footage is from National and International Karate Championships. Included on this video are Daytime Elimination highlights along with selected entire nighttime grand championships fights: New England Open, Jessica Robeson vs April DÂ’Alessandro. The Bluegrass Nationals, Nancy Price vs Nicole McManus. The Battle of Atlanta features Joey Greenhalgh vs Junior Assuncao in a PKA Full contact match with Joey knocking out Junior in the third round. At the Diamond Nationals we feature Trevor Nash vs Donald Brady in a classic match also Jason Bourelly defends his SuperFight Championship against Greg Betlach. The Pan American International features Ross Levine vs Chris Walker for the Heavyweight WKF title also Nancy Price defeats Joyce Blanco. Also included as a bonus are highlights from The Daytime of the U.S. Open. Along with many other people, who knows our cameras may have caught you on tape!

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