Master Li Pei Yun’s Wushu Basic Techniques and Kata


This DVD has it all.  Wu Shu Hand Forms, multiple Hand, Fist, Palm, Hook Palm techniques, and Flash Palm Exercises.

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This DVD has it all.  Wu Shu Hand Forms, multiple Hand, Fist, Palm, Hook Palm techniques, and Flash Palm Exercises. Also includes, Kicking techniques, as well as 11 different single, double, and kick sweep combinations. Stances, Jumping, Flying, and Flipping kicks combinations launch you into a new level of Wushu Excellence.  After all that, he even includes 3 Wushu Basic Forms. Master Li trains students in both the contemporary and traditional Chinese Martial Arts, both External and Internal Styles, from the most basic beginning levels to the highest and most demanding levels of proficiency for martial arts competition. His student’s ages range from 5 to over 70 years old. Master Li’s teaching philosophy is to teach his students openly and hide nothing. He will help you be the best you can be. Whether you wish to study for health reasons or for the martial arts, Master Li is happy to guide you along the way. Master Li was born in China and began his martial arts training at the age of 7. He has well over 35 years of wushu and martial arts experience and is one of the few professional Chinese martial artists trained in the classical tradition (while on the Henan Province Wushu Team) and also trained at the prestigious Shanghai Physical Education University, the top wushu university in China. Not only was Master Li a top wushu competitor in China, he was trained in the science of wushu and taught to train others in martial arts. The black and white photo shown on the right was taken of him in 1979 while he was a member of the prestigious Henan Professional Wushu team. (He is standing third from the right in the back row, just to the right of his teammate Chen style Master Chen Xiaowang.) Most of the members of this team have become masters in their own right. You might recognize the young boy in the far right of the front row as nine (9) time consecutive Chen Style Tai Chi Chinese National Champion, Master Ding Jia. Click on the photo to enlarge. From 1977 through 1990, Master Li competed actively in China and won literally thousands of gold and silver medals in both weapons and forms. Most notably, he won the gold medal every year from 1977 through 1982 in the Henan Province Kung-Fu competition in four different events; Nan Quan Style (empty hand form), Sword, Pairs and Long Stick. While in college, Master Li won the 1990 gold medal in the Long Stick form event in the Chinese National Competition making him the world champion of this event. Master Li was trained by many of the top wushu and tai chi masters in China and has been trained to pass on his knowledge to his students.

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